Mission Statement  

Cherokee High School exists to provide a safe learning environment with educational opportunities that will empower students to become conscientious, confident, and productive citizens with respect for diversity.
Cherokee High School will provide high quality education in a productive learning environment where students strive to advance in the learning process with shared involvement between parents, students, and stakeholders.
Core Beliefs
  • All students will be provided a safe learning environment.
  • Stakeholders share responsibility for empowering students to become life-long learners and productive individuals in a global world.
  • All students will be provided a curriculum for academic and social advancement with respect for individual differences.
  • A challenging curriculum with highly qualified teachers will be provided.

  About The School  

About the School

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     Cherokee High School is located in Cherokee, Alabama and serves the western portion of Colbert County as part of the Colbert County School system.  It is located along County Road 21 (North Pike) off of U.S. Highway 72.

     Cherokee High School was founded in 1925 as Cherokee Vocational High School as it was the first designated vocational school in Colbert County.  The original high school building was located where the current gymnasium stands. As the school expanded with the end of segregation in 1968 the old high school became the junior high school. That building burned on January 21, 1971.  The first graduating class consisted of 22 students and today serves over 300 students in grades 7-12. 

     Students who currently attend CHS experience a rigorous curriculum that includes AP classes as well as online distance learning courses.  They are challenged by highly qualified teachers who are trained in the most current professional development.  Many clubs and organizations offer the students learning activities inside and outside the classroom.  Cherokee High also fields 16 different teams that compete in the Alabama High School Athletic Association.

Healthcare Emergency Evacuation Plan 2016 - 2017


Healthcare Emergency Evacuation Plan 2016 - 2017

In case of true emergency (fire, inclement, weather, bomb threat, etc.) the school nurse and /or medication assistant will move the following medication (as applicable) and equipment to the designate meeting location for that school:

 .   All daily medications

.   Asthma inhalers and spacers

.   Automated External Defibrillator (AED)

.   Diastat

.   Epinephrine Pens

.   Glucose monitoring equipment and all diabetes supplies

.   Daily Medication Log book (authorization forms and medication records)

.   Emergency Medical Plan book

 Lockdown Plan 2016 - 2017

Teachers and staff will utilize the emergency care plans and /or individualized health care plans provided by the school nurse for each student with chronic medical conditions. In the event additional medical assistance is needed during lockdown, the staff member will contact the campus school nurse and lead school nurse per cell phone.